Second only to Oahu in visitor popularity, Maui now serves as the hip island to be seen on and thus is the second most expensive island to stay on(Lanai is the most expensive).  With far less family friendly tourist attractions than Oahu, Maui is more popular with couples wanting to enjoy a tropical getaway with its great dining and nightlife.  Maui is a great place to base your hawaiian vacation, with daily ferry service to Molokai and Lanai.   While its scenic “Road To Hanna” drive is one of the most renown nature treks on the island, the trip along its winding road might not be the relaxing experience you’ve flown to Hawaii for.   See firsthand the Road to Hanna and which of the many tourist areas you might like best in the overview video of Maui in our Hawaiian Islands App.  It also contains video overviews, maps and orientations for all the Hawaiian Islands frequented by tourists.