Fort Bragg

The city of Fort Bragg got its name from a Fort established in the area in 1857 to maintain order on an indian reservation.  Within ten years both the fort and indian reservation were abandoned.   During this time the city began its long and rich history as a milling town and port city for the inland lumber companies.

Less than 10 miles north of the town of Mendocino, Fort Bragg is the largest is the largest city on the Mendocino coast.

Glass beach – Until 1967 locals simply threw their trash into the ocean off of Fort Bragg.   A byproduct of this is the smoothed pieces of broken glass bottles that have washed ashore like rocks on “Glass Beach”.  While its fun to uncover colorful pieces of glass, the rocks are protected by law and must be left behind for others to enjoy.

The Skunk Train -

150 miles north of San Francisco (4hrs. via  inland 6hrs via coastal)


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